GPS Coordinates 51.093055°N 4.385047°E

SW (135°-285°)
Usage Hang Gliding / Paragliding
Flight Type Vols thermodynamiques (site classique)
Opening dates 01 January - 31 December
Height take off 25 m
20 m


This training-slope has been put to our disposal by the PCR De Schorre through a concession to the FBVL.

FBVL members have access all year long, except during large events and their preparation, like Tomorrowland which closes the slope for almost the entire month of July.

Of course, pilots need to have a Legal Liability insurance for their sport.


  1. This site is reserved to FBVL-members with non-motorized ultra light gliders (footlaunchable hang gliders, paragliders and rigid wings). Are strictly forbidden: paramotor, motorized hang gliders, motorized ultra lights (ULM) and any other device with an internal combustion engine. Model gliders are allowed as long as they do not hinder the hang glider or paraglider pilots and they respect the instructions of the FBVL site-delegates and FBVL-instructors.
  2. A legal liability insurance for the practised aerial sport is mandatory.
  3. Helmets are mandatory for all flying pilots; trapeze wheels are highly recommended for all hang glider pilots.
    Good shoes are necessary because there might be holes and stones in the slope or on the landing field.
  4. Hang gliding or paragliding tutoring is exclusively reserved for the instructors of recognized FBVL-schools.
  5. Pupils that come with recognized FBVL-schools have launch-priority over other pilots, but these schools must not take up more space than strictly necessary for a safe schooling, because all FBVL-members have to be able to launch. A school cannot demand more space than is necessary to prepare two hang gliders or paragliders (next to each other).
  6. The start ramps are prioritarely reserved for hang gliders.
  7. Priority has to be given to pilots that want to fly and in no circumstances other start exercises may hinder other pilots that want to launch or which are flying. For this reason every pilot has to free the landing zone as quickly as possible after landing and climb back to the top of the slope at a place where he will not hinder other pilots which are ready to launch. “Soaring” can be very dangerous and is only permitted when it constitutes no danger for other pilots or the public.
  8. Any person who is on the training slope or on the landing field has to follow immediately the instructions of the FBVL- site-delegates and of the instructors of recognized FBVL-schools, if he fails to do so he can be obliged to leave the training slope.


Take off



The site can be quite turbulent by windy conditions.