Safety note for all CHARLY rescue parachutes

Due to a problem that has recently come into focus that the reserve handle, especially of harnesses with integrated rescue compartment, can get caught in the lines after deployment and block the opening of the rescue system, we have limited the maximum length of the connection between the reserve handle and the inner container of the rescue system to 37 cm for CHARLY rescue parachutes. The picture in the following note shows how to measure the length:

The length of the connection between reserve handle and inner container should be checked by the pilots before the next flight.

If it is necessary to shorten the connection between the reserve handle and the container, this should be done by qualified persons (harness manufacturer or companies authorized by the manufacturer), and finally, the functionality should be checked by means of a compatibility test. In case of doubt, concerned pilots should contact the harness manufacturer in order to obtain a handle of the correct length.

Info: Charly / DHV